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1st Hathersage Scout Group Needs Your Help!

Have you thought about getting involved in Scouting as an adult? 1st Hathersage Scout Group is looking for new leaders and people interested in taking an Adult Support Role within the group. The group has recently seen a huge rise in demand for membership from children across the Hope Valley and the surrounding area. The existing Beaver Colony (24 children), Cub Pack (24) and Scout Group (20) are now at absolute capacity and with increasing waiting lists. Unless we can find additional Leaders to help us, we are going to struggle to accept more children over the next year or so. We are very keen that no child misses out on the opportunity to participate in Scouting, because of the vast opportunities that it offers and new life skills it teaches to them, that they will not get anywhere else.

It is not just the children that benefit. Becoming an adult member affords you the opportunity to develop at whatever level and whatever skills you wish. Learning leadership skills, how to help young people in their development and also learn fun skills such as archery, climbing, survival techniques, or the best way to get glitter out of a carpet! It is an excellent opportunity for personal development; to learn skills that are transferable into everyday life and the work environment.
The group currently has 6 adult member leaders, but between us we can only do so much and in order to cope with the increasing popularity of the group we really need more help and leaders to ensure that no child misses this amazing opportunity. So if you’ve ever thought about becoming involved, volunteering to help a community group and/or helping to give the children of the Hope Valley life-long opportunities and skills, please get in touch to see how you could help.
We are specifically looking for a new Assistant Cub Leader, but also regular adult support to help run the sessions at all levels. If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing
For parents or adults who would like to be involved on an ad-hoc basis, please complete this form: adult information form Nov 2014 – editable, and return it to us.
Thank You.
Tom Crooks
Group Scout Leader

There are a lot of local groups and organisations that support Us and we would just like to give our thanks to all those who give their time, money, skills and efforts to support us and help us to keep doing what we do!

Below are some of the people that have helped the Group:


Hathersage Players: (link)


Hathersage Jumblies


Hathersage Gala: (link)



Hope Cement Works: (link) – Support & Equipment


Roger Mather – Electrical PAT Testing