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Carols in the Caverns


Here's some information on the event. Please take the time to read it all.

# Timings:

The carols will begin promptly at 7pm on Friday 7th December 2018, so please try to arrive in plenty of time, particularly if you want a good seat and the chance to buy a drink and mince pie.

Doors open at 6pm.

The carols will last about 45-50 minutes.

# Getting to the Event:

If approaching from the West, the likelihood is that you will come down Winnats Pass. This is a narrow valley in the hillside with a steep road, so be careful driving down, particularly with sheep regularly patrolling the roads or icy conditions. At the bottom of the pass, you will pass Speedwell Cavern and drop down the hill further. At the T-junction at the bottom, turn right and the cavern car-park will be approximately 300m on your right. There is also parking on the roadside and in the village centre car-park, which can be found further on and left at the roundabout.

If approaching from the East, when coming down the Hope Valley, you will enter Castleton. Continue through the village (watch out for the sharp bends) and go straight on at the roundabout. The cavern car-park will be on your left about 200m on.

If approaching from sky, please ensure you leave your sleigh in the designated parking zone in the car-park and ensure reindeer are securely tied up and left with appropriate carrot/parsnip provisions for the evening.

Please drive carefully through the village and be aware that it is a popular tourist destination and attracts the usual number of people wandering aimlessly into the road!


Please park considerately. 

There are regular buses from Sheffield to Castleton, which drop you off in the village centre. Continue through the village, West, and follow the instructions above to the cavern car-park.

Once at the car-park, continue to the back of it and through the gate, over the road (watch out for cars!) and follow the signs and footpath up to the cavern. The walk is about 1.4 mile.

# Tickets:

Please have print outs of your tickets (or available to view on mobile phones) ready for when you reach the cavern, so that we can get everyone in as quickly as possible.​ There is no mobile phone signal in the cavern, so if using your phone for your ticket, it is best to prepare it in the car park.

If you are part of a large group, under one order, please do not come in until all your party is present. Ideally, meet at the car-park, to avoid blocking the footpath outside the cavern. Due to numbers of attendees, those on the door cannot keep track of groups arriving in small numbers, so make sure you are all there.

# Refreshments:

Hot chocolate and mince pies (and maybe chocolate logs) will be available to purchase for £2.00 each (drink & mince pie), so please bring change to pay for those.

# World Scout Jamboree:

This year we are raising money for the Peak District Scouts' World Scout Jamboree team to help them in their fundraising efforts. They will be selling chocolates and other crafts to purchase, so please bring some money to help support them and check out their stall on arrival!

# Social Media:

Please post about the event on Social Media using #caverncarols and @1stHathersage and @PeakScouting.

# Disabled Access:

There is level access all the way up to the cavern, but be prepared for a steep incline to the footpath. The car-park is uneven ground, but passable by wheelchair/mobility scooter. There are no disabled w/c facilities. There are steps down to the lower seating area, but the upper seating area is accessible by wheelchair.

We would however, suggest that anyone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter either arrives early after doors open or close to the 7pm kick-off, as it gets very busy around the entrance and in that top area, which is a bit of a bottleneck, so could cause quite a bit of congestion to have mobility scooters manoeuvring right at the prime time arrival for everyone else. We suggest the latter, simply because otherwise it could feel very cold, waiting, sat down in the cold, damp environment of the cavern for an hour before it starts (even with our delightful hot chocolate to hand!).

# Toilets:

There are no w/c facilities available on site for use by the public, so please go before you leave! Leaders, lay off the mulled wine!

# Weather & Clothing:

The weather forecast is for cold, so dress up warmly. It is damp inside the cavern, so it can get chilly over time. Festive novelty hats are positively encouraged!​ Waterproof clothing is advisable.

If it is icy, please watch your step as you ascend and descend the hill to the cavern.

Please wear suitable and warm footwear.

# Little Elves:

Please note, the organisers are not responsible for looking after your young people at the event. You are responsible for those whom you are bringing. Scout Groups are responsible for ensuring they provide adequate adult numbers to meet the requisite ratios.

# Dogs, Pets, Reindeer, Snowmen, etc:

We allow all of the above to our concerts (we are nothing if not inclusive!) so long as they are well behaved and comfortable in a busy, noisy and festive environment. They must also be very comfortable with children, as we have a lot of young children coming and so all dogs, cats (and ideally children, but apparently that's "not acceptable" under scouting policy) must be kept on a close lead. Also, so long as they aren't too big (the animals that is - big children (aka adults) are welcomed!) - i.e. they don't take up a seat or other people's feet space when sat down as we are quite closely packed in.

# Twelve Days of Scouting:

Every year, we sing a special Scouting ​version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. If you would like to teach your group to sing that beforehand, all the better! - A little competition between groups/districts is great! (Of course, you'll never out-do Peak District Scouts....). The words are below:

On the first day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

A Beaver stuck up a tree.


On the second day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Two grubby Cubs and a Beaver stuck up a tree.


On the third day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Three smelly Scouts…


On the fourth day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Four wet Explorers…


On the fifth day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Five Gold Awards…


On the sixth day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Six Wonky Woggles…


On the seventh day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Seven happy campers…


On the eighth day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Eight compass bearings…


On the ninth day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Nine knotted neckers….


On the tenth day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Ten tents-a-leaking….


On the eleventh day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Eleven Leaders laughing…

On the twelfth day of Christmas

My Scout Group gave to me

Twelve campfire songs…

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