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Wanting to Find Us?

Hathersage Scout Hut is positioned on Baulk Lane, in Hathersage. This is a narrow, un-made-up track (tarmac for the first 50 yrds), leading from Main Road (the road running through the centre of Hathersage) to the Hut. When entering Hathersage from Sheffield, immediately after the bottle-neck outside the Chemist, turn right, behind Alpkit (see image below). If coming from Bamford direction, then turn left, immediately after Alpkit, just before the bottle-neck. If you are coming from Grindleford direction, then turn right at the T-junction in the village centre (opposite the George Hotel), then follow the instructions as if coming from Bamford.

Follow Baulk Lane down (mind the pot-holes!) and you will see the Cricket Pitch on your left, followed by the Pavilion and we are immediately after that on the left - look out for the sign on the Hut!


Please park as close to the Scout Hut as possible. We share that parking area with the Cricket Club, so request that everyone parks considerately. Groups hiring the hut are subject to a strict 3-vehicle limit on site; any other vehicles must be parked down in the village.


Please be aware that children may be playing on Baulk Lane and many pedestrians, tousists and dog owners use it, so please drive slowly. 

Baulk Lane.png

  Baulk Lane Entrance  

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