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Animal Friend Badge


  1. Learn how to care for an animal, Find out what the animal needs. Learn about its habitat, space, exercise and sleeping area.

  2. Help to take care of that animal for four weeks

  3. Keep a note of how you have looked after the animal for the four weeks.

  4. Tell others in your colony about the animal


Completing the badge:

  • This is a great badge if you have a pet!

  • You can also include looking after wild animals such as birds for this badge if you do not have a pet at home. Caring for them would include feeding them and looking after a bird bath for example.

  • You could take photographs or write short sentences about how you helped look after your pet


When we’re back at beavers we will visit Pets at Home so you can learn even more!

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Address: Baulk Lane, Hathersage, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S32 1AF

Email:  info@hathersage-scouts.org.uk

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