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The Great Indoors 1
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You may have seen in the press the scouts have launched a new badge for lockdown. The Great indoor Badge, it is open to all to complete (yes Mum and Dad can do it too) and is in 3 stages. But is only available for a limited time  


The activities below (activity 1 includes a compaction just for Cubs) will not only gain you the great indoor badge, each one will also count towards an activity badge and part of a challenge award.


You will also need to spend 1 night sleeping somewhere other than your bed. (a den in the lounge/bedroom, or a tent in the garden) to gain the great indoor badge.



Activity 1 - Seeing Through Different Eyes


Part 1: In your garden or local open natural space close to home:

  • Look around.

  • Can you find something Smooth, bumpy, wide, thin, round, swaying, tall, and something rough.

  • How many different types can see - flowers, Grass and ferns, shells, roots, seeds, and insects?

  • Can you see a bird, butterfly, feather, spider’s web, an animal’s home, or ants?

  • Look up. What can you see?

  • What sounds can you hear?

  • What can you smell?

  • How many different colours can you see?


Part 2: Now think about what you have seen and how it might look to something else

  • What does it look like to the spider sitting in its web, a bird flying above, an ant on the ground, a bee on a flower, or a squirrel in the tree? 

  • Using a digital camera or mobile phone try to take photographs through ‘different eyes’ and perspectives.

  • Use your imagination, there might even be prizes, send me your pictures with a sentence to explain it and I’ll get Hathi to pick his favourites.


Part 3: Find out about the insects/mini beasts you find, where do they live, what do they eat, and how do they help the garden/plants/us.


Activity 2 – Sweet Vegetables!


Beetroot, carrot, and courgettes all make really scrumy cakes. With the help of Mum or Dad Have a go at making a Vegetable cake, carrot cake or Chocolate and beetroot brownies for example. you could find one on the internet or in a cook book or drop me an email and I’ll send you some recipes . Don’t forget that cleaning up when you’re done is equally as important sharing the cake with your family  


Activity 3 - Use your Digits


On an A4 sheet of paper draw round your hand:


  1. Hold up your hand like your about to wave to someone. Look at their thumb, which is nearest the heart. Think about people who are important to you, and who are close to your heart, such as their friends and people in their family.

  2. Wiggle your index finger. This finger is the leader. Think about the people who lead them every day, for example, teachers or parents or carers.

  3. Look the finger in the middle of your hand. This finger stands tall, like the people in the world who make big decisions (for example, the leaders of countries). Think about the decisions big leaders make, and how their choices affect other people.

  4. Close your fingers into their palm and try to lift your ring/third finger. You’ll probably find it tricky, as the ring finger is the weakest finger. Think about people who are struggling—they might be unwell or facing other problems. It could be someone you know, someone you heard about on the news or at school, or a character from a book or film. (It can be easy to get side-tracked with trying to lift your finger, so try and keep focus back to the reflection).

  5. Hold up your little finger—this is for you! Think about what makes you happy, and how you can do your best in any situation.

Remembering what you thought about with your fingers, returning to the hand on your sheet of paper write or draw a reflection on your hand. Some people may want to write or draw some of the people they thought about, doodle things they’re hoping for (for example, happiness, health), or a statement about themselves.


Decorate the sheet of paper to make it extra special to you.


Activity 4 – A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way...

Make a poster or draw a picture to say thank you to the Key workers that have helped you during lock down. Doctors/Nurses, teachers, Shop workers, refuse collectors, postmen/women and delivery drivers.  Either stick it to your window so they can see it or ask an adult to pass it on for you.  I have attached a colouring sheet form the royal mail for the posties which you can use but I’d like to see your own designs too.

RM Colouring sheets_Postbox.png

Activity 5 – Make a Djembe Drum


A djembe (pronounced ‘jem-bay’) is a drum originally from West Africa. People play djembes with their hands. According to the Bambara people in Mali, the name of the djembe comes from the saying ‘Anke djé, anke bé’, which translates to ‘Everyone gather together in peace’. The saying also explains a bit about the drum’s purpose.


  • Scissors

  • Elastic bands

  • String or wool

  • tape

  • Plant pots or Paper cups

  • Old plastic bag (with no holes)

  1. Use the tape to stick the bottoms of two cups/pots together.

  1. Tie an elastic band loosely where the two cups join. It should be over the tape.

  2. Lay a plastic bag out flat. Put a cup upside down on the bag and draw a circle around it using a marker pen.

  3. Take the cup away and draw a larger circle around the circle you’ve just drawn. (Don’t worry if it isn’t a perfect circle.)

  4. Cut carefully around the bigger circle with scissors. It’s OK for an adult to help with this.

  5. Put the plastic bag circle on top of the drum. Pull the plastic tight, and use another rubber band to hold it in place.

  6. Cut a fairly long piece of wool.

  7. Tie one end of the wool onto the rubber band in the middle of the drum.

  8. Loop the wool up and underneath the top rubber band, then pull it so it’s straight and tie it on with a knot.

  9. Keep zig-zagging the wool around the drum, going over and under the two rubber bands and tying knots to secure it in place.

Don’t worry if you run out of wool (or want to use more than one colour). Just trim the wool after you’ve tied it to an elastic band, then tie the new piece of wool on next to it and keep going. If you don’t have any wool don’t worry your drum will still work.


Why not try making drums of different sizes, does it change the sound?


Activity 6 - Time for a Stroll


With your family go for a walk from your front door of at least 2 kilometres, while on your walk take 5 pictures Using a digital camera or mobile phone that show your local area and could be used in a tourist leaflet, Send them to me to put them all together so we can get a Cubs eye view of where we live.


Activity 7 – Watch ‘The Jungle Book’


My favourite is the Disney’s 2016 remake simply because it has Sahi in it unlike the original classic  

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