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Choose three of these activities to do:

You must have your leader or another adult with you for one of these activities.

  1. Imagine an event, character or scene. Now draw it using a pencil, brush, pen or crayon.

  2. Design and make a greetings card.

  3. Make a poster advertising Scouting or a Cub Scout event.

  4. Design and make a decorated book cover.

  5. Draw or paint a picture of still life or a landscape.

  6. Make a display of photographs on a subject that interests you.

  7. Make a video on a subject that interests you.

  8. Design and build a model.

  9. Visit an art gallery.

  10. Make a model out of clay.


One activity you can try: click on the Phoenix below for a PDF to print out with instruction on how to make a Phoenix from a toilet roll inner tube. Again send me a picture. We'll upload more ideas later!

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Well done! Now tell us about what you've done and make sure you upload the evidence, so we can see what you've been up to.
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Please do not use this for hut bookings - please use the Hut Booking Contact Form for any inquires in connection with hiring our hut.

The Scout Hut

Address: Baulk Lane, Hathersage, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, S32 1AF

Email:  info@hathersage-scouts.org.uk

(Please note, booking inquiries to this address will not be answered - use the bookings form.)

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