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Welcome to the 2020 Hathersage Virtual Egg Hunt!
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Easter is in a very strange time this year. But luckily, the Easter Bunny still counts as a Key Worker, so she is able to go about her usual business delivering eggs. 


Unfortunately, she can't find what she's

done with her eggs and seems to have left

them all over Hathersage! Can you

help her find them?


Every website has one egg hidden somewhere on it which looks a bit like this, with a letter on it. Write down the letter when you find it and keep it safe as you will need it to make a secret message at the end.

You can use this scoresheet

if you want.

There are eggs hidden across the websites of lots of businesses and organisations from the village and we need you to help find and collect them.

Easter Eggs-03.png

Don't worry - you won't be alone. Li'l Chick is here to help. Find him on each website and click on him to take you to the next step on your journey!

Click on Li'l Chick now to start

the adventure!

Please note:

We don't take any responsibility for the

content of others' websites, although we have tried to use child-friendly sites. Parents should accompany under-16s on their egg hunt.

On larger, more complex websites, the eggs and chicks are only on

pages listed on the main menu (inc. sub-pages listed). Half-way through you come back to the Scouts website to find an egg here, so don't worry that its ended or the link is broken. Some local websites take a while to load so be patient...

The egg hunt is open to everyone, everywhere and every age, but

only Hathersage residents or members of The Scouts in the Peak District (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders) can enter the prize draw at the end.

For help or if you get lost, please email and we will try 

and point you in the right direction.

Last entries by 19th April 2020.

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