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Stay Safe and Do Your Bit

You have probably heard about the Coronavirus by now. It is a virus which has spread around the world and lots of people have caught it, a bit like a cold or the flu going around your school class. For most people (about 80%) it is just like having flu or a bad cold, but for those who are older (over 70) or people who already have a health problem, it can be more serious and can lead to people dying. Watch the video below for more information:

While we make every effort to ensure that all videos are suitable for their target audience, parents/carers should familiarise themselves with the videos before showing it to their children.

It is very important that we try to stop the spread of the virus as much as possible and you, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can all help to do this.

Firstly, you should avoid going outside (beyond your garden) and if you do, only with members of your household. You shouldn't go to the shops with your parents/carers, unless there is no option and you shouldn't mix with any other people and if you do, you should be 2m away at all times and never touch.

You should wash your hands as much as possible! Washing your hands properly with soap and water kills the virus and helps reduce the risk of you being able to pass it on - see the video below about germs. Below is a video showing how to properly wash your hands to make sure you wash every bit of them.

Want to find out more? Join Dave the Dog in learning about the Coronavirus in this digital book - click on the picture below:

Pages from dave-the-dog-coronavirus-1-1.

What else can we do?

If we all work together and follow the rules, we will be able to beat the virus. The better we are following those rules, the sooner things will start to go back to normal.

As Scouts we can do our bit and set an example to other young people and adults, and show them to behave.

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