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Girl Camping

What are we doing?

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts can camp indoors or outdoors, and any activities they complete during the camp we’ll be able to put towards their badge work. They’ll also get ‘The Campover 2020’ badge for their camp blanket.

Scouts and Guides across Derbyshire are joining in with this #derbyshirecampover.

The full Campover is running Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights so you can sleep out for all three nights if you want! As a group we’d love it if everyone could have their camp on at least the Saturday night.

REGISTER THAT YOU ARE JOINING IN ON OSM    –    If you don’t we wont order you a badge!



Please use the 1st Hathersage Scout Group Facebook page to upload any photos from the camp as we’d love to see what the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts get up to – we’ll set up an album which everyone should be able to post to! If you can’t do this, please email your leader.


If you post on your own social media can you please use #derbyshirecampover and if you can tag the group, please do! Always make sure that you have appropriate permission before sharing photos.

We’re definitely more than happy for siblings (and parents!) to get involved too – the more the merrier!


Kit List

Outdoor Camp – suggested kit list

  • Sleeping bag

  • Pillow

  • Torch

  • Mat to sleep on

  • Pyjamas / onesie

  • Midnight feast

  • Teddy bear / mascot

  • Water bottle

  • Hairbrush

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste

  • Group scarf (wear for Zoom meetings)

  • Book, comic, cards etc

  • Crockery and Cutlery

  • Note pad & pen


Suggested Activity kit list – see optional activities at the end of the pack

For Balloon activity:

  • 2 straws, 2 balloons (ideally long ones)

  • Cotton or string

  • Sellotape

For S'mores:

  • Marshmallows and chocolate digestives

  • Tealight, candle (or real fire!)

For catapults:

  • 6 garden cane, sticks or even pencils

  • Elastic bands (string is also fine)

  • Marshamallows

  • Plastic cup / plastic flower pot


  • Water Pistol

  • Paper & colouring pens or pencils


It would be great to see Beavers, Cubs and Scouts at all the Zoom meetings, but please don’t worry if they can’t make them all. Each Zoom meeting will be for 30-45 minutes (we’ll e-mail the links next week).

We’ll send an e-mail out after camp to check what activities they did, so we can ensure it’s all tracked against any badge work.



Before 2pm

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to set up their camp

Make sure keep your camp and kit safe, tidy and secure

Please make sure the children are involved in setting up their camp, putting up their tent/shelter and choosing their kit – it’s all part of their badge requirements!


Mini Zoom Opening Ceremony - Look out for the email with the zoom meeting details.


2.45pm onwards

Afternoon optional activities (these all count towards badges!):

  • Make a flag or sign for your camp

  • Have a water fight or play some water games

  • Make a camp gadget – it can be for any purpose, and made out of any materials you have at home

  • Invent a new game (ideally one you can do outdoors), and have a go at playing it

  • Make a balloon rocket – can you race 2 together; how far can you get it to go? Click here for instructions.

  • Make a catapult – what’s the longest distance you can get something? Click Here for Instructions



Mini Zoom meeting

  • Catch up & game

5.45pm onwards


  • Help cook dinner (and with the cleaning up afterwards too!)

  • Light a fire – real of virtual (see advice)

  • Toast marshmallows or make S’mores (you can do this over a fire or use a candle/tealight)

  • Try making a camp pudding Scroll down for instructions on making one.


Zoom campfire!  

Tell you leaders by email or in your zoom calls what your favourite songs are!

8.45pm onwards

Evening badge activities if you’re still awake:

  • Do some star gazing

  • Play some card games or board games

  • Have a midnight feast

  • Sleep!




Good morning and Closing ceremony!

Zoom meeting


10.45pm onwards


  • Go out on a hike/walk for 1 – 2 hours – and while you’re out you could:

  • Set up some tracking signs (see advice attached)

  • Go on a minibeast hunt – what insects & bugs can you find?

  • do a good turn & pick up any litter you find

  • Have a game of ten pin bowling – use anything for the pins and ball!

  • Try activities you didn’t get to do yesterday!

  • Tidy and pack away your kit and camp – it’s important beavers, cubs and scouts help adults with this!

Activity Ideas

Want some activity ideas? Why not check out the Activities for All section of the Cyber Scouts page for loads of ideas on things to do outdoors while you are camping. We've put some special ones up for this event.

Camp Menu Ideas

Here’s some ideas of meals we might have on camp, but chat to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts about what they would like to help make…it goes towards another badge! Young people should help with cooking (and tidying up!):

Dinner ideas


Pitta pizzas / frying pan pizza

Spag bol & garlic bread

Sausage & beans

Jacket potato, beans & cheese

Pasta, tomato sauce and veg

Veggie kebabs

Beef or veggie chilli



Pudding ideas

Cake in an orange

  • Cut the top off the orange

  • Scoop out the insides of the orange

  • Fill with brownie mix to max ¾ (it expands!)

  • Put orange lid back on, and wrap orange in foil

  • Put on the BBQ or in the oven

Banana with chocolate

  • Keeping the banana in its skin, cut through this length way

  • Fill the middle with chocolate (could add marshmallow too!)

  • Wrap in foil

  • Put on the BBQ or in the oven

Mug cake


Breakfast ideas

Eggy bread

Bacon/sausage sandwich




Full English!

Camp Fire Marshmallows
Climbing gear for hiking on rustic woode
Boy Scout
Playing Cards
Scavenger Hunt Map
Splashing Water
Girl Eating Marshmallows
Making food
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